THIS IS NOT A BANKSY series AToM 1313 Is-Not Banksy AbNormalcy Screen-Prints

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  • chimp 2
  • Ghetto
  • Inactivist 2
  • Ka-boom
  • Lie Vs Truth rat
  • Mona
  • parashite 2
  • pest control
  • Toxic rat mock up
  • Balloon girl
  • 1313 acts 2
  • flower thrower 2
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STOT21stCplanB, under the guise of the Emergent IS-NOT Banksy AbNormalcy of the 21st Century Generation Z, has been hard at work, chiselling away at the coalface of NOT-art.

Published to celebrate 13 years of cultural disruption by the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop 2009 – 2022, here we present a series of 13 new screen-print editions all skilfully playing off René Magritte’s seminal painting The Treachery of Images – aka This is NOT a Pipe.

Read the pamphlet below for a full explanation.

AToM 1313 = 13 Editions of 100 + 1 AP = 1,313 prints in total
Each print two colours on 1250 micron recycled grey pulp card
59.4 x 42 cm (A2 for easy framing)
Signed (with the trademark STOT21stCplanB Thunderbolt Man), numbered and stamped by the artists on the reverse with the COA pasted on.

All purchases come with a free 6 page folded pamphlet per print.

31 full sets available at a reduced price + a BONUS SECRET PRINT

The rest £75 each

Please allow 21 working days for delivery

N.B. These prints are not by Banksy, endorsed by Banksy or approved of by Banksy. DO NOT BUY if you think they are or could be. 

N.N.B. Do not ever cut these prints in half and attempt to pass off the “Banksy” side as a real Banksy. Your friends will not be impressed & it would be IMMORAL and WRONG.


Additional information

AToM 1313 Print

Chimps of Confusion, RIOT NOT, Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, InActivist, KA-BOOM, Truth vs Lies, The Treachery of Misrepresentation, Urban Rat Scam Exposé, Parashite Artist, PEST, Toxic Rat, Sucker, Good Rat vs Bad Rat, COMPLETE SET of 13 PRINTS + Secret BONUS Print