Before working as Harry Adams, Steve Lowe and Adam Wood worked together on musical and visual projects under the name STOT21stCPlanB.

STOT21stCplanB is a bit of a mouthful, but if you practice enough it rolls off the tongue quite nicely. It stands for Scorpion Thunderbolt of the 21st Century Plan B so the shorter STOT21 that people sometimes use is totally meaningless and should never be condoned or encouraged.

Best known for their anarchic, irreverent and puerile artworks, STOT21stCplanB started life as what they described as a ‘zero ambition’ noise rock band with an occasional countryesque twist. With Adam Wood (ake The Janitor) on guitar & co/backing vocals, Steve Lowe (aka The Assistant to the Janitor) on guitar & vocals, and Ed (Clag Foot) Degan on drums, they recorded Two EPs, one LP and one mini-LP between 2003 and 2008. All released in small quantities on CDR via L-13 predecessors – the aquarium and THE AQUARIUM L-13.

Being zero ambition they rarely played live (maybe twice) and promoted nothing. But for the release of the LP Satan’s Rat Trap and the Mouse that Wound Up Dead in 2005, Lowe and Wood transformed the aquarium’s gallery space into a crazed installation with hundreds of artworks to accompany the CDR. This was the start of their highly prolific art career. Like the band this was also ‘zero ambition’ and their exhibitions were only held at the aquarium’s own space (run by Lowe)(except for one show in Brighton that they regret) starting on Lowe’s Birthday 19th July and finishing on Woods’ 26th July. 

First ever STOT21stCPlanB exhibition at the aquarium

The duo operated full time as STOT21stCplanB until 2008 at which point they decided to try making some “proper” paintings. These they realised did not suit the puerility of the STOT21stCplanB oeuvre so they changed their name to Harry Adams which was easier for art critics to say and would go to the top of the list in group shows.

STOT21stCplanB was revived in about 2010 for the release of The Great Pandandrum a CDR of Miss-Hits 2003 – 2008. Since then they have popped up occasionally when the duo wants to do something particularly meaningless, puerile or irreverent. In particular they are also the masterminds behind the birth (and death) of NOT BANKSY, THE CONTINUITY NOT BANKSY, NOT NOT BANKSY, and THE REAL NOT BANKSY FRONT (RNBF).

It is also rumoured that the band has reformed and they are working on their third and final concept album titled TEMPEST PROGNOSTICATOR. We wait with baited breath!