Archive Annotations: Jimmy Cauty DAMIEN HIRST Skull Stamp

Archive Annotations are a series of sporadic and incomplete anecdotes regarding past L-13 releases, oddities and rejects which are dug up from the vaults to be paraded about and subsequently DISPOSED OF via the archive section of the site shop.
Usually these are unique items, limited numbers from a long sold-out edition or unreleased experiments.
Once they are sold and their fate is sealed in a private collection these annotations will remain as reference to their existence.

In early 2009 L-13 rushed to the aid of a young street urchin known as Cartrain.

He’d exhibited a collage featuring the image of Damien Hirst’s infamous diamond encrusted skull. This led to Hirst’s representatives playing the heavy hand over copyright, had the offending articles removed form exhibition and took £300 of the young urchin.

In response the L-13 started a website called and invited the L-13 artists to design their own artworks featuring the skull. These were sold to raise funds for the Master Cartrain and an open call was put out inviting the general public to also submit copyright bending artworks to be posted on the site. All went well. We gave Cartrain his £300 back, justice was served, fun was had by all, and no one died.

This was one of Jimmy Cauty’s submissions for the project.

Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag paper

AP signed by the artist.

32.5 x 30.5 cm

Check availability in the archive section of the L-13 shop. SOLD