billy childish 3 Crows Bronze Sculptures

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Three crow sculptures in solid patina’d bronze, made by Billy Childish.

Edition of 31 in each crow.

Crow 1 is approx. 9.5 cm beak to tail, 6.5 cm high, 1.5 cm wide
Crow 2 is approx. 11 cm beak to tail, 7.5 cm high, 3 cm wide
Crow 3 is approx. 11.5 cm beak to tail, 4.5cm high, 6 cm wide

All crows or set of three available at an introductory offer for the first 13 days (until end of 9th July 2024).

Formed by the artist, cast in the fires of Clerkenwell, and hand finished at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop.

All editions come with a signed and numbered provenance certificate.

Please note these are hand-finished, allow two weeks for delivery.

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