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the student
barbara wire


a novella in 13 parts

First Edition published  by Vipers Tongue Press, Chatham ( an imprint of Hangman Books) 2021-2022.

Childish’s long awaited 6th novel. A first person account of a 1970’s art student effortlessly knocked out ‘off the cuff’ by ‘Odysseus’*

* ‘Odysseus’ being the pen name of Gustov Claudius

Published in 13 parts with one part issued each month until June 2022.

Subscribe here and receive one book per month with a screen printed clamshell box to keep them in sent with part 1.

Edition of 300 copies printed.

Available in 2 editions

Standard Reader’s Edition:
13 x A5 chapbooks printed on natural off-white recycled copier paper bound in stapled sugar paper wraps.
Edition of 250 copies numbered 51-300/300

£75.00 including free clamshell box.

Deluxe Collector’s Edition:
13 x A5 chapbooks printed on natural off-white recycled copier paper bound in stapled sugar paper with hand stamped titles and a protective glassine dust jacket.
Edition of 50 copies numbered  1- 50/300 with each part signed by the author and a unique original collage by ‘gustov claudius’ issued with Part 13 (a few examples pictured here). The original collage will be issued with part 13 of the book.

£250 including free clamshell box.

Part 1 and the clamshell box to be despatched by the end of May, part 2 by the end of June … and so on.

Part 1
the sharpend nose of a burocrate
19 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Despatched May 2021

Part 2
the bridel suite
20 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Despatched June 2021

Part 3
the snow bird

21 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Dispatched July 2021

Part 4
silk scarf

17 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Dispatched August 2021

Part 5
a tepid backwater

12 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Dispatched September 2021

Part 6
a cunt magnet
12 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Dispatched October 2021

Part 7
small fir trees of hate
16 pages
21 x 14.85 cm
Dispatched November 2021

Our story begins:

barbara wire

her his thou then mine
is it her soft flesh
or is it her long limb?
or is it her soft firm flesh or her long limb?

oh desire
oh i desire
limbs intwined in barbara wire design desire oh barbara wire

gus claudius 1977


There is no cynasism in my hart as i walk up this hill in the glorious may sunlite. From here you can peer down on the river with its rusting barges and stinking mud flats. In fact you can see all the way to the dockyard – that fatefull place from which i only just escaped with my life.

Some unapealing concreat steps, in thru cheep modern looking doors with poor hinges and im in the entrance hall. I cross to a dingy office where an old custurd tells me to go sit in the corridor and waite for my name to be called. Im allways unsure of such women with their tendency towards heavy, plastic looking lipstick. Also her broach
– a diamonte lizard crawling up her pink, fluffy sweater increases my sence of unease.
‘I dont want to come here,’ i deside to tell her.
She looks to me over her horn-rimmed glasses. ‘Im sorry?’ Her eyes are grey, like so many women her age.
‘Ive been accepted at a far better skool in the capital.’
‘Your name is on the list.’
‘Yes, but this place, its a bit . . . Mediocure?’
Again she fixes me a look. ‘If you go and take your seat your name will be called shortly.’
I bite my lip, nod and retreat.


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Standard Reader's Edition, Deluxe Collector's Edition

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