Jimmy Cauty STAMPS OF MASS VACCINATION Chris Whitty COMMON VARIANT Stamps, Prints and Last Day Cover


By order of the Cautese Nationál Postal Disservice we set out the Roadmap Back to Post-Cautesian (ab)Normality with these Stamps of Mass Vaccination as tested and approved by all Anti-Art Regulatory Standards Agencies in the fight against the Pandemic of Mass Global Cultural Decrepitude.

Chris Whitty COMMON VARIANTS 1-4

RNA Sequenced Postage Stamp MINT SHEETS
30 perforated gummed stamps on titled sheets
Sheet size: 24.5 x 18.5 cm
Stamp size: 3.4 x 3 cm
Editions of 50 numbered sheets of each Variant

Dates of Issue:
CWS-V1: 8th March 2021
CWS-V2: 12th April 2021
CWS-V3: 17th May 2021
CWS-V4: 21st June 2021

N.B. These stamp sheets can be ordered now but will not be dispatched until the day of release or soon after. If ordered at the same time as prints they will be sent separately.

L-13 Strain Limited Efficacy Prints Variants 1 to 4
Four prints printed with scientific precision by inkjet on archival 310 gsm Hahnemuhle paper
Print size: 32.7 x 30.5 cm
Editions of 113 n
umbered and stamped copies of each Variant

For immediate dispatch

All four stamps stuck to a custom printed recycled card envelope with a genuine 1st class stamp over-printed with a gas mask rubber stamp. 

Edition of 240 to be made and posted

To be issued on the ‘Day After Back to (ab)Normal’ 22nd June 2021.

NB: These Last Day Covers will be addressed to you and sent unprotected through the post. Any damage incurred by the Royal Mail and its agents should be considered part of the work. In fact… the more damage the better.

A complete set of all the above with all 4 Limited Efficacy Prints signed by the artist.
4 x Mint Stamp Sheets
4 x Ltd Efficacy Prints (signed)
Last Day Cover
13 Sets Available
No.s  1 to 13 of each Edition


Additional information


Mint Stamp Sheet CMS-V1, Mint Stamp Sheet CMS-V2, Mint Stamp Sheet CMS-V3, Mint Stamp Sheet CMS-V4, SLE Print V1, SLE Print V2, SLE Print V3, SLE Print V4, LAST DAY COVER, COMPLETE SET WITH SIGNED PRINTS

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